History of Governors’ Secretariat


Southern Province is situated in Southern part of Sri Lanka, consists with three districts. The total area of the province is 5544 sq.km with inland water bodies. The total population of the province is around 2.6 million.


The Provincial Council System was introduced to Sri Lanka, according to the 13th constitutional amendment of the constitution in 1987, to provide an eternal solution for the prevalent conflict situation of the country during the era of the 1980s’ decade. According to that, there are 9 provincial councils were established, including the Southern Provincial Council.


The position of Hon. Governor has been established the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka under the Provincial Council Act No. 42 of 1987. The Governor of each Province is the Head of the Provincial Council.


The Governors’ Secretariat is established to implement the legislative powers vested to the Governor and to ensure that provide an efficient and friendly public service to the public in the Southern Province, Diligently and promptly executing the duties assigned to the Governor as the head of the Provincial public service.

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