Contact Details



Telephone / Fax

Governor – Southern Province

Dr. Willie Gamage

Tel: 0912234578,  Fax: 0912227228

 Governor’s Secretary (Act.)

 Mrs. Dileka Kudachchi 

 Tel: 0912222498,  Fax:0912222498

 Assistant Secretary

 Mrs. C.Wickramasinghe 

  Tel: 0912222162 


 Mr.Wasantha Ranawaka


 Legal Officer 

 Mrs.S.A.N.G.De Silva 

  Tel: 0912250940

 Administrative Officer

 Mr. Deeptha Dayananda


 General Number 


 Tel: 0912234480, Fax: 0912229811


 Office of the Governor, 

 Southern Province,  Lower Dickson Rd, Galle

 Email Address

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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