Southern Province, situated in Southern Sri Lanka is surrounded by a beautiful coast line and consist of 03 districts of Galle, Matara and Hambantota. Southern Province which is 5544 Sq kms in extent has a population of 2,503,988 and its capital is Galle. The population consist of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim and a few minorities and is a multi – national entity containing many historical and ancient remains abounding beautiful and attractive places.

Southern Province Flag


The Southern Province flag is quite similar to the National flag. The flag with a Yellow border and a Brown –Red background has a lion carrying a sword at the center and 4 Bo-leaves at the four corners.  On both sides of the Lion, there are the two emblems of Sun and the Moon. This flag was introduced to the Southern Province on 26.09.2008.

Southern Province Flower (Heen Bovitiya)


The " Heen Bowitiya flower " which has been named as the Southern Province flower belongs to the species, Melastomatacea. Its botanical name is Osbekia Colander (L) PC.  This is a pithless plant endemic to Sri Lanka grown as a bush in wet and dry surroundings to a height of about 2-4 ft and has a special place as a traditional herb.  At present, it is wide spread as an attractive flower.

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